Medical Cannabis FAQs

Medical Cannabis Card Steps

Altitude has been a medically endorsed dispensary since 2017. Our medical cannabis consultants are trained and go through yearly re-certification process. 

1. Authorization Form

Before we can do anything for you or put you into the Washington State Medical Database you must get your WA State Medical Cannabis Authorization Form from your health care practicioner.

2. Make an Appointment

In order for one of our Medical Cannabis Consultants to enter you into the WA State database and create your Medical Cannabis card you must call in to the store and make an appointment. We schedule appointments Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm.

3. Come into the Shop

When its time for your appointment make sure you have your fully filled out Authorization form from your doctor. You will also need a valid ID and $10 for our medical card fee. Please be sure to arrive on time or we cannot process your card. 


  • Being in the database allows you to purchase cannabis products free of sales tax. (Excise tax is still included)
  • Altitude gives Medical Card holders an additional 15% off all purchases.
  •  Medical Cannabis Card patients may purchase 3x the regular cannabis limits.

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