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What is Delta-8 and how is it different from traditional THC?

As the cannabis market evolves there are new studies and products appearing every day. Delta-8 THC has been more prevalent in those over the last few months. We now offer Delta-8 focused gummy candies and vape cartridges at Altitude. If you’re wondering what Delta-8 even is and how it can affect you; you’re not alone. Let’s briefly go over this cannabinoid.


To begin explaining Delta-8, we must first go over how Delta-8 is different from the “regular” THC we know. Delta-9 THC is what we traditionally think of when we see or hear the term THC. When you are looking at the labeling of cannabis products you will most often see THC (Delta-9) listed. This is the cannabinoid that causes those stereotypical stoner feels like munchies, euphoria, uplifted mood, and more. Delta-9 and Delta-8 are extremely similar molecules but they have a few things that make them very different.


Delta-8 is found in much smaller concentrations compared to the heavily prevalent Delta-9 THC. That means producers must process more plant matter to extract this specific cannabinoid. Delta-8 tends to have lesser psychoactive effects. This could be beneficial to users who might prefer a more gradual and milder high. We still recommend proceeding with caution when trying any new cannabis product.


The world of cannabis is still a mystery. As time passes more scientific studies and clinical trials bring new information to light. We have linked a couple of Delta-8 articles to further your research. Try out these Delta-8 products for yourself and let us know what you think!


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